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Sito ufficiale Parco Archeologico dell'Appia Antica

Ancient life-size Hercules statue discovered hidden in Roman sewer system

The large marble statue was found during the cleaning of a 100-year-old waste pipe

An ancient statue of Hercules is being painstakingly restored to its former glory after being unearthed in a Roman sewer system.

The marble statue, complete with identifying lion skin headwear and club, was discovered during the cleaning of a 100-year-old sewer pipe which had triggered mudslides in the Italian city.

It apparently dates back to the Roman imperial period (27BC to AD476) and was found along the ancient Appian Way, a famed historic road, now buried underneath Scott Park.

Archaeologists believe it could depict a private character dressed as the Greek god who was worshipped as a god of merchants and traders, although others also prayed to him for his gifts of good luck or rescue from danger.

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