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Sito ufficiale Parco Archeologico dell'Appia Antica

Ancient marble statue of Hercules emerges after sewer work in Rome park

Figure represented by the statue carries a club and had lion’s coat over his head

Rome: Routine sewer repairs in an area in Rome, which was seeking a recognition from the Unesco as a World Heritage site, have led to the discovery of an ancient Roman-era marble statue of Hercules.

The statue, which apparently dates back to the Roman imperial period (27BC to AD476), emerged from the ground around the second mile mark along the ancient Appian Way, a famed historic road, reports said.

The Appia Antica Park announced on Facebook that the area “has reserved a great surprise for us: a life-size marble statue which, due to the presence of the club and the lion’s coat covering its head, we can certainly identify as a figure representing Hercules”.

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