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Sito ufficiale Parco Archeologico dell'Appia Antica

Ancient Statue of Hercules Unearthed in Roman Sewer

Latest stunning archeological find was in the Appia Antica Archaeological Park

In the ancient city of Rome even sewers can harbor treasures. Archaeologists have made an exciting discovery while conducting excavation work to repair collapsed sewage pipes in Parco Scott, a part of the Appia Antica Archaeological Park.  They stumbled upon a life-size marble statue of the demigod Hercules, believed to date back to the Roman imperial period – not exactly what you expect to find in an old sewer!

The Appia Antica Archaeological Park announced on Facebook that the area “has reserved a great surprise for us: a life-size marble statue which, due to the presence of the club and the lion’s coat covering its head, we can certainly identify as a figure representing Hercules”. In Roman mythology, Hercules is the son of Jupiter and the mortal woman Alcmena.

He is considered one of the greatest heroes in Roman legends and was known for completing the famous ” Twelve Labors ,” which were a series of tasks given to him by the king of Mycenae, Eurystheus, in order to gain immortality and a place among the gods.

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